Research Assistant Position

We are seeking an enthusiastic full-time research assistant to help with a variety of
laboratory projects in a cellular/systems neuroscience laboratory. We are studying
the cellular and circuit basis of motor control, using mouse models of movement
disorders. We employ a variety of techniques, including electrophysiology,
optogenetics, animal behavior, and anatomy.

The position entails some general lab duties, including management of the lab
mouse colony (breeding and genotyping), histology and immunohistochemistry. It
also involves participation and/or leadership in research projects, which are likely
to include stereotactic mouse surgery, animal behavior, and optogenetics.
Additional projects will depend on the RA’s experience and interests.

Requirements: Minimum 2 year commitment. BS in Neuroscience or related field by
the start date. Minimum 1 year bench lab experience. Must have experience with
handling rodents, PCR/genotyping, and immunohistochemistry. Experience with
animal breeding, behavior and/or stereotactic injections are a plus.

Approximate start date ASAP

Please contact Alexandra Nelson, MD, PhD with questions about the position or
submit your CV and cover letter.
[email protected]