Emily Twedell

Emily was born and raised in Minnesota, where she was both a middle child and varsity swimmer. She then studied Psychology and Neuroscience at Grinnell College (Iowa), where she became enthralled with both neural circuits and Les Misérables. To further her Neuroscience training, she did a post-baccalaureate research fellowship with Zayd Khaliq at the National Institutes of Health (see Ally Girasole, Lab Alumni), where she studied midbrain dopamine neurons. She joined the UCSF Neuroscience Graduate Program in 2019 and the Nelson Lab in 2020, where she is studying cellular mechanisms of Deep Brain Stimulation. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking (and dealing) Prairie Dog Tea. She appreciates order and logic, but refrains from tidying other people’s desks.

Twitter: @e_twedell