Rose Creed

Rose was born in Haiti and begrudgingly raised in Miami, Florida. Her goal in life was to become a professional cellist, but she did have a backup plan: scientist. The backup plan was eventually activated during college when she met a scientific mentor who was neuroscientist by day, cellist by night. After completing her undergraduate degree in Biology at Stetson University, she did her PhD training in Neuroscience at University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB). At UAB Rose studied the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease in rodent models, work for which she was awarded the prestigious NINDS F99/K00 award. There she took up slice electrophysiology and became intrigued by the neural circuits controlling movement. She joined the Nelson Lab in 2020, where she plans to study circuit dysfunction in atypical parkinsonian disorders. While at UCSF, after 3 years of serious contemplation and planning, she finally acquired a yoga mat, which she has yet to use.

Twitter: @rosecreed1